Saturday, December 1, 2012

Letter Number Three

Hey Dad! 
My father who raised me!!!  I Nathan having been raised of goodly parents;) haha, sorry!   So it is really good here!  Yes, my watches are stolen and all that fun stuff but I'm over it!  We leave for Uganda on Tue.  The southern cross is pretty small actually.  Smaller than the big dipper.  Sorry I only have 30 min to write 12 people so I am forced to kind of jump around.  I'll do better in the field.  
So I sent another letter in the mail!  IT WAS ABOUT TRACTING IN A TOWNSHIP! AWESOME STUFF!  But if you don't get my letter just let me know and I'll tell you about it.  
There is a ping pong table here.  Terrible conditions.  I'll send you pictures later.  But I am the champion!!!   haha pretty cool.  Dont worry about me, I am fine.  I love this already!  To change lives through the spirit, can't get any better than this!!  The nosebleeds have stopped!  No more!  It's awesome! 
I gave my companion a blessing the other night.  Powerful.  He couldn't sleep and wanted to go home.  I basically said in the blessing.  The Lord commands you to go to sleep.   When I said that his head literally dropped...  I was like wha...>!?!?!?!  So I finished the blessing and kinda pushed him into his bed.  So cool!!  Ahh the Lord loves us so much I can feel it.  I know it.  Anyways, the temple is really small but awesome!   It was amazing both times we went.  I hope my gGrAAmaRR was better this time!  Ha, sorry I'm a brat.  I love you guys!  I pray for you always.  Send my love to Matt and Megan and Randy.  I love you Dad.  Till next time,
Elder Lloyd

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