Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three Months Already

Hi All,

Tray months! Whoo...   Elder Asere from Kenya went home last week.  Elder Gotora went to Njeru.  So not a good week last week but whatever!  It's a new week.!  So Momma I have a son!  (I'm training!) His name is Elder Kole Halladay.  He is from St. George Utah. He just turned 19 and went to the provo MTC.  I got him super green on Thursday.

So the first day I tried to get him out and working so I took him to Mkenge.  A village, the farthest area away from home.  About an hour walk!  Sun was just burnin bright!  He was sure breathing hard!   He has a really pretty girl waiting for him (she is going to France on a mission in April, he has lots of pictures of them together..)  The first time I met him he was really excited and somehow arrogant (not in a bad way though..If ya get me).  Then i took him out and lets just say he was sufficiently humbled... The same way I was.  No one understood him and he didn't understand them. Just like me my first couple weeks... But he will get better, we all did.  But it is super different being with an American.  He talks of home a lot which makes me somehow trunky... But Its all good.  I love the kid.  He is here in Uganda, I respect him.  He looks to me for a lot of things.  He is amazed on how much Lusoga and Luganda I know.  But he will be fine! I know he will.  But being the DL and training is seriously hard.  Very stressful.  My first transfer I wanted to train and I got my wish answered!  We will do good together.  I have 3 more baptisms this next transfer lined up!

So I love you all so much! And am praying for you every time my head hits the pillow, and every time my head rises from the pillow.  Another couple cool spiritual experiences happened this week but i dont have time.. Remind me next week to talk about Mary and the chicken.  But Basically ALL the teaching is on me now.  LIKE ALL OF IT! So we shall see how it goes.  Three months and I'm DL and training.  70 missionaries will come in the next few transfers.. So eh I may be training a lot...

I gotta go! Everyone I love you soo much! Mission is awesome! All you perspective Elders! Join the army of God! 

With all my Love,
Elder Lloyd