Sunday, November 25, 2012

2nd Letter from MTC

This is a copy of the second letter we received from Nate in the MTC.  He is indeed a man of few words!

Hey guys!!!
Greetings from Joburg!!!! 
So all is well!!! 
No nosebleeds! 
My watches were stolen from the lost bag! 
There is no thanksgiving here!  Um, I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving! 
I miss you guys a ton! I wrote a letter home so be watching the mail.  
So, Matt moved out for good? I'm confused.  
I saw the Southern Cross, Pop!!!  It's pretty sweet.  
I write in my journal A TON!!!  It is very helpful. 
I saw a monkey by the highway.  The driving here is insane!!  Well I guess everything is.  
Tell grandpa to get better, and tell Matt happy birthday for me.  
If you could do me a big favor and tell me all the birthdays for everyone in our family. I love you all soo much.  
I have been learning a ton.  I pray for all of you all the time! 
Thanks for the pictures!!! 
Till next time, 
Elder Lloyd
P.S.   Something for the bulletin... "People are so different here.  They want to hear about the feelings of the spirit, not the doctrines or principles of Christ.  Very simple people.  They just want to feel good.  I wish all people could just be that simple!"

This is a copy of the Thanksgiving Family picture we sent to Nate.

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