Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thanks for the package!

I got my package!!!! It's awesome! Thank you guys so much!!! Um it was really weird driving on the other side of the road but I am really used to it now... Its weird thinking of driving on the right side...

Yes! I have seen so much of Uganda now!!! Everywhere but the West.. But our mission does not go into the west.  

In the North we would be driving back to  Kampala and we saw a ton of baboons as big as me on he road! Like 12 of them! So crazy! But it's so weird how just a few hundred km's away from each city, there is another COMPLETELY opposite city!
Um we went to 7 Zone Conferences! With at least 12 missionaries at EACH.  So a LOT of trainings I had to give but I think i have a knack for speaking.  I really enjoy it too... But yeah crazy week! This week we are going to Ethiopia and next we are going to Rwanda! Sweet! And we ALWAYS drive the Nissan Navara.  Its the personal truck for the APs.  I love it! The thing is a beast!  But we NEVER tract anymore which really stinks! No teaching:( But we get to, when we go on exchanges with other missionaries in the zone! Which I am going tomorrow! Sweet!
Dad, tell mom to stop sending so many packages! But I do love them very much. Just 1 a month or so:) Thank you!

I sit in the office so much and just do remedial stuff so I think I'm going to start getting fat! I work out every morning but still... I hope that's not the case..
Anywho.  I Love you so much! Thank you again for the Camera!!

Have a great week! 

Ooh! I'm going to get to call soon woo!!!