Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!!!

We received this letter on Monday Dec. 31.

Mom & Dad,

To answer your question Dad, No I do not have the Christmas blues :)  I bombed my tummy.  So I don't think I have a problem anymore.  Everything is really good here.  I'm not trunky at all.  Ever since our phone call I have been doing great.  Just working a ton.  Pretty hard work but very very fulfilling.  3 weeks in the field and already have 1 baptism.  I'm sending you a picture of her.  Her name is L.  She has a huge desire to learn more about the gospel.  Doesn't speak very good English but oh well..  I baptized her yesterday.  Powerful..  The guy in the picture is her brother J.   J was given the go ahead to be baptized!! And his mother R! They will be baptized next week!  We were watching a movie at their home last week and J's background for his computer was a VERY inappropriate picture.  People here do not understand that that kind of stuff is bad!!  I just blasted him! I mean BLASTED him!!  He was very quiet after.  But now understands what that means. And that he should not look at that anymore..

So the wife to the second counselor to the branch presidents was boiling a big 55 gallon barrel full of water, not sure why..  But It was an old drum and it broke open when she was standing next to it and it just burned off her skin on her legs and back.  We have been seeing her the past couple weeks and man, this ja ja (grandmother) is tough.  They have grafted new skin onto her legs but one leg is not taking the skin. Wow, it is quite the sight..I don't know the moral of the story other than God knew she could take it. 

Ooh, this lady came up to us and said: "Oh messengers from God! Pray for me!  I panic at times in my home! I can smell  the spirit of death lingering over me!!!" haha that lady was very strange!!  Her leg was messed up! She did not step onto the bottom of her foot but on her ankle! Ugh! its weird looking!!! But we are going there on Wednesday.  We shall see.

My ankle is almost completely better,  Thank you for the prayers!!  I did not go to get an x ray.  Aha don't worry about me so much guys! I'm fine! Completely! I promise.  I love it here.  Its super hard but I'm fine.  I have been keeping mission rules.  I promise.  But the language I am getting  little by little.  Not once this week did anyone look at me funny or say "pardon?" when I talked. Ha so a good week!! For New Years Eve we will stay up til 12! And play a star wars board game!! Hah, so pretty fun tonight.

A nybo (nn-ya-bo) in the ward made us sweet big shirts with v necks! Matching!  I will send pics next week.  Sorry I'm not sending many pictures..  It takes forever!!  But after tomorrow guess what i can say!?  I'm coming home next year!! ha ha I love you all! And all of my friends!!

I Love everyone! Have a Happy New Year!

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