Saturday, December 29, 2012

"E L phone home!!!"

Well, we didn't get much in the form of letters this week, because Elder Lloyd was able to phone home on Christmas!!!  It was awesome hearing from him.  But I have to tell you that when Tammy picked up the phone I heard her say several times, "Who is this!"  She thought it was her brother pranking her in one of his weird voices.  But nope, It was Nate!

You see, Nate has had to change the way he talks now.  It turns out that Ugandans can't understand him when he talks too fast.    He was asked to give a talk in their Branch when he first got there.  He said he only had 10 minutes to prepare but that it was the best talk he ever gave.  The only sad part was that people couldn't understand a word he said.  Pretty funny.  So he has to slow down and pronounce every syllable.  I have attached a small sound clip so you can hear the way he has changed!!

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