Monday, January 28, 2013

Hi All,

That picture of my muddy feet, I printed it out and put it above my desk.  Awesome!  Thank you!    Anyways...It has been a good week.  But with some bad things.  So we have bed bugs.  And I mean BED BUGS! Like terrible bed bugs.  We are in the process of getting another apartment! I'm looking for them with Elder Ballsteadt (First councilor to President Jackson).  So hopefully we find one.  I'm not sure how much longer I can stay awake at night just freaking out.  But My feet have been torn apart by the little ninjas!!!

So a weird thing happened.  As the District leader I have to interview the other Elder's investigators before baptism.  I interviewed A guy named I..  And He is a fantastic investigator! Really wants to be baptized.  Understands the doctrine well, and is just perfect! I found out he had some things concerning chastity issues.  He wanted ME to baptize him too.  It was definitely tough to call PJ and get the news that I.. has to wait 6-8 more weeks to be baptized..  And it was tougher to tell I.. he had to wait. But he has to understand that you must use the repentance process properly.  Not just pray and say you are forgiven but be chastened. You must fully give your sins to Jesus Christ. The way I look at it and use it in teaching Ugandans is when you sin you spit in a bucket.  You keep sinning and keep spitting.  When you have sinned a lot you repent.  And when you repent you pour the disgusting bucket on the head of Jesus Christ.  You don't want to but he has already atoned for our sins so you must use it!! If you don't then you have wasted the atonement SO REPENT YE SINNER!!!! He is 24 by the way. 

So this Pastor came to Mpumudde market and is singing and dancing and preaching.  He had a bunch of followers with him.  But while he was preaching I had the prompting to use it to our advantage.  To start contacting in the crowd!  So we start.. Pow! Doctrine of Christ! One new Investigator! Pow another, and another and another! It was pretty funny/powerful at the same time. In the crowd we met this born again.  He said "are you saved"  oh yeah here we go!  I responded "are you?".  "Of course I am because I repented of my sins and Jesus Christs loves me!"  Me-  So what if  you go kill those children over there and come back, can you still tell me your saved.." He thought about it and said"Of course I will be saved still, I have been baptized..."  It was a great teaching opportunity. 

I have been studying in Jacob.  The most impressive parable in my opinion, is found in Jacob Ch. 5! I will send a pic next week of my study journal and my thoughts on Jacob chapter 5. Dad Randy Matt Megan mom! Give me your thoughts on it!

I'm going to head out and go to the Keep for lunch! I love you all and thank you to all my friends who have been writing me! Katie, Cam, Sam, and Allie! Also my cousins! thank you!!! I love you all and God bless all of you!
Family I love you all so much! Megan! I have not heard from you in a while! Whats up???

Til next time,
Elder LLoyd

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