Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Letter Home

This is the first letter from Elder Lloyd. 

Elder Lloyd here! 
Hey Mom and Dad, how are ya!  I am fantastic! I love it here very much! The MTC is powerful! So I got here in one piece! One of my bags didn't show up the first day and that was a bad day indeed.  But I prayed and got it back.  Ahh, you were so right about Doctrines and Principles. Thats all we have been studying.  My P day is Sat here and Mon in the mish.  It is gorgeous here! my companions name is Elders Slabbert he is a native here but white...  He has a good spirit, I love em. Only 15 elders and 3 sisters here.  The spirit is with me, I am fearless when talking about the gospel. I can't get pictures to you till the field so 17 days from now. Um the food is super weird, haha!!!  But its still good.  I have some cool pictures. Um, I have had 4 nosebleeds since arriving, a little worrysome, but if I have another I will recieve a blessing.  Dad, this Gospel is burning! I cannot express how it makes me feel. Like God's hand is on my shoulder. Do not worry about me, I am protected by angels.  I represent my family fires, the church, and Christ.  Pray for me I will need it.  I am a couple days in and it is very difficult.  Tell Matt and Megan and Randy I love them very much.  I cannot wait to see them again!  I love you and Mom very much. I only have 30 minutes to write.
Till next time,
Elder Lloyd

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